Lost Shadow   Thomas Zamolo



Instant film and I have been using each other since the moment we have found one another. I now come to understand that right from the start and through the interest, challenge, frustration, pride: we were simply collaborating all along. At times, I am mistreating it and in other moments the film showing me it’s artistic power, nourishing my curiosity to push it even further.

A broad curiosity that led to slowly building a body of work, creating photographs ranging from mosaic to landscape to portraits, in the direction of any technique or projects in which my interest took me.

I am not the type of photographer that will want to shoot with the same camera and film my whole life. I am too unfaithful for that and way too excited about the potential this medium has to offer.


While using the classical canon of beauty, I’m seeking a multiple layering in the reading of my photographs. An exploration and questioning of the content but at times also commenting on the support or context of photography itself.

As an artist, it is hard these days not to be affected by what is happening around us. Since a couple of years and with different series or projects, I find myself attracted to work around the topics of identity, gender, beauty, eroticism, nihilism and other darker feelings the human can get stuck with.

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